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Heritage Windows & Doors is a leading manufacturer of custom, high-quality windows and doors in Arizona and throughout the Southwest specializing in creating aluminum windows and doors that are as resistant to the natural forces as they are beautiful. Heritage has led the way with innovations in design and manufacturing, making their products ideal for use in both new construction and window replacement.


Heritage Windows & Doors - Aluminum


Aluminum’s inherently sustainable characteristics combined with the extrusion process make extruded aluminum the green building industry’s material of choice for now and the future.

Aluminum has always been a green building material, and continues to offer key attributes that architects and builders want in a sustainable building, namely durability throughout a long life cycle, structural strength in terms of elastic modulus/stiffness, and importantly, the ability to be recycled. At the end-of-life stage in a building, aluminum is 100-percent recyclable, and may be reused in building components without any loss in quality.

From a green design perspective, aluminum’s reduced cost over a longer life cycle offers architects a viable economical choice. A whole-buildings approach allows flexibility for balancing U-factors; for example, thermally-broken aluminum window frames may be used in combination with increased insulation, HVAC efficiency, ambient lighting, high-tech glazing, etc., providing more options in designing the building envelope. Aluminum also resists the ravages of time, temperature, corrosion, humidity, and warping, adding to its incredibly long life cycle. Extruded-aluminum-framed windows with thermal barriers effectively insulate against condensation and are rigid and stable, operating smoothly with minimal maintenance and a tight fit. Extruded aluminum alloys accept durable anodized finishes, which are inert materials that are not combustible and pose no health risks.


Thermally broken refers to how the window is constructed. More precisely, it is manufacturing the aluminum frame window with a barrier in between the inside and outside window frames that will prevent conductive thermal energy loss. As a basic premise to energy loss in windows, consider this; heat by nature wants to flow to a cooler space. What this means for a window is that in the summertime the heat wants to flow from the hot exterior into a cool interior, and in the winter the heat inside wants to escape out into the cold. The above-mentioned thermal break creates a resistance to this natural flow, and together with double-glazing, assists in keeping the space at the desired temperature. For a consumer, the end result is lower energy cost and a more comfortable home.

Additional benefits of thermally broken aluminium windows and doors:

> Conducts heat and noise 1000 times slower than normal aluminium
> Flame retardant
> Added layer of security
> Low maintenance
> Long lasting
> Durable
> Non-corrosive
> Thermal break technology
> Excellent thermal and acoustic insulation
> Powder coated surfaces with a large range of colours

Thermally Broken Windows & Doors

Heritage® Windows and Doors is committed to the continuous innovation and improvement of its product line. Testing results and ratings are a reflection of that commitment. The following files show our AAMA ratings, U values and SHGC values.  Available files for download:

The following links include half size(approximate) details on the Heritage product line. All dimensions called out are exact. In addition to the details of our standard residential and commercial products, we have also included corner, stacking and muntin applications.

For an actual Heritage® Windows Architectural Details Book, brochure and/or a technical presentation about the product line, please contact us directly in Houston at 713-863-9988 or in Austin at 512-527-3225.


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