Renaissance Windows & Doors with MetroSteel

Since 2006 Metro Steel Windows Doors has strived to provide customers with & unique & stylish doors & windows with best in quality personal service. Renaissance has teamed up with Metro Steel to help make the builders, architects and designers happy with products & services that both meet and exceeds their design goals.

Metro Steel Windows & Doors is the custom solution to bring your unique, modern style to light. The ultra-low profiles are the premier choice for architects and builders looking to create a clean & contemporary environment. We call it the fine art of blending materials and bending light. These finely crafted products are energy efficient, too, so you never have to give up function for flare.

Features & Benefits

Metro Steel Windows & Doors are prepared for 5/8” dual pane glass and can be customized for other & sizes. All steel doors and windows are ready to be field & glazed by your local glass supplier. Metro Steel also & offers in-house glazing of glass on some jobs for that & extra white-glove treatment.

With many locksets and hardware options, there & are styles and finishes to complement any design. These are the fine, carefully crafted details that create the custom effect for your individual style. The light-enhancing, narrow profiles of our frames create & a clean, minimal design for contemporary architecture.

No other quality is more readily associated with steel windows and doors than their narrow sightlines. Architects have incorporated this attribute in every sort of building over hundreds of years, and have designed the gracefulness of steel windows into countless architectural styles. Ironically, the minimal aspect of steel windows and doors is derived from the incredibly massive strength of the material. The aesthetic virtues achieved by use of steel cannot be duplicated in aluminum, wood or vinyl alternatives. The look of steel windows and doors is not simply distinctive, it is unique.

Metro W-20

Metro W-20

The extremely versatile hot rolled METRO W20 range of sections from Metro Steel Doors has been in production worldwide for over 80 years and has a proven record of durability with excellent design potential. A strong point of steel is the ability to be curved into any shape or geometric form and then to be transformed into a window. For extremely slender requirements, the W20 range offers as well a slim casement line, which allows to further lighten the visual impact of the frames.


Metro MT50

In the last few decades, the technological run for better insulation forced manufacturers to introduce thermal brakes in metal frames or to look for alternative materials which have better insulation characteristics.

The consequences of the need of better thermal performances increased sidelines and overall depth of window frames, compromising architectural design and visual quality of steel windows.

Metro Steel MT50 is a thermal barrier steel window system, which combines the essence of the original steel window design with modern manufacturing technology.


BuildRenaissance is the New Construction division of Renaissance Windows & Doors that caters to the Houston & Austin areas’ Home Building, Architectural, and Design professionals.